Welcome to Design501.net. We are a Internet service company that specializes in providing a web presents for charities. We can provide web hosting, web site design, original logos and art work for your organization. We are also experienced in video production, and other forms of computer graphics.

Our creative services are normally billed at $25.00 per hour, (that’s half of the going rate in today’s market). Of course we do not charge for the initial consultation. The first meeting is to find out what services are needed and what type of help you want. At that point we will offer an estimate of the time required to do the job and what the cost will be.

Payment will be required upon satisfactory completion of the work. After payment all files will be turned over to the organization or put live on the Internet as agreed to.

Our services are available free, under certain conditions to 501(c)3 organizations. We do offer to trade cost for advertising space on the web site, if there is one, and if the potential to cover the cost of production is available.

Please contact me for further information and discussion on this arrangement.   

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